Bye Rules

Summary of bye rules:

  • Players must inform the director of their intention to take a bye no later than 10:00am the day of the round. The sooner we know, the better for everyone involved in the event (this includes emailing the club anytime during the week before the round in question).

  • Round four 1/2-point byes must be requested before the end of round two.

Details of bye rules:

Forced (full-point) byes are a consequence of an odd-number of available players for a given round of a tournament.

We acknowledge that folks are sometimes too busy to be able to put four Sunday evenings aside in a row.

In an effort anticipate such situations and to inform any individual(s) affected, a player requesting a half-point bye for a round must adhere to the following rules:

A player may request one 1/2 point bye per tournament.

To remain eligible for cash prizes, round four 1/2-point byes must be requested before the end of round two. Byes requested for round four after the end of round two are automatically considered zero-point byes.

Players who wish to enter a tournament late (i.e. at round two) will receive a 1/2 point bye for round one. Note that players must let the director know of their intent to enter the tournament before 10:00 am the day of round two . The earlier you let us know, the better, i.e. send email as soon as you know you will be participating. We need to know who is participating in the round as early as possible.

A player may request a bye for any round of the tournament:

A bye for a particular round must be requested (by email) by 10:00 am Sunday morning of that round. This will give the director sufficient time to post any forced full point byes on the web site. Players who receive a forced (full point) bye are not obligated to show up to the club that night; on the other hand, they are encouraged to come see if any other player not in the tournament would like to play a rated game.

Note that bye requests received after the cutoff time are automatically zero-point byes. This is much better than forfeiting the round, which could jeopardize participation in future events.

The sooner you know that you require a bye, the sooner you should email the club to request it. State your name, section you are playing in, and the round you require the bye.

Players must check the site the day of the round to ensure they have the latest information concerning byes. A good rule of thumb is to check at 11:00am Sunday (one hour after the bye cutoff time). While the director should have final information up sooner than 11:00am, this gives some leeway in case of unforeseen technical difficulties.

Note that as soon as we know of any bye requests or forced bye situations, we'll update the web site with said information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Drew Sarkisian